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The Value of Things

How can we make our life more sustainable? Three people ask themselves this question. Felix is experimenting with clay as a building material. Sanaz has her own fashion label for which she uses vegan and recycled fabrics. Dominik works on a Demeter farm, but quickly realises that he can achieve more with politics.
 A crew accompanies them and looks for ways to produce this film sustainably.
 They produce electricity with bicycles and solar panels, pay attention to sustainable nutrition and travel by cargo bike or train.
 Together, they overcome resistance and show that change is possible.

WORLD PREMIERE: Planned for 1st quarter 2024


English, Swiss-German, German (german subtitles),  colour, DCP, 69 min.

PRODUCER: Tobias Luchsinger

DIRECTED BY: Tobias Luchsinger

WRITTEN BY: Tobias Luchsinger

CINEMATO­GRAPHY: Simon DenzlerFabienne Steiner

EDITING: Roman Stocker


SOUND EDITING: Kathleen Moser

SOUND DESIGN: Katharina Pfennich

RE-RECORDING MIX: Martin Scheuter

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