Black Room by Igor Tavares

sound design:  experimental violin 

duration: 2"24

An experimental violin piece made for Igor Tavares' choreography called "Black Room". This is the first piece of an ongoing long-distance collaboration between the drummer Jon Hanen (London), the dancer Igor Tavares (Newcastle) and myself (Austria). 

DSC_5754 (3).JPG

credit by Phil Colins 

More Time Than Life

self generating sound installation 
duration: 336 hours 

This sound installation uses field recordings from ecological systems i.e. volcanos, glaciers, the sea, and the human body.  Depending on the audio channels and the speaker's positioning, an algorithm actively applies audio processing techniques. 

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interlude n#1 

interlude n#2 



This is a series of 3 interludes, commissioned for a gig at the Cluny in Newcastle upon Tyne. The soundscapes use field recordings from North and Central America. 

interlude n#3

excerpt from sound underwater  

The Font

underwater monaural mix

quadrophonic audio mix 

This underwater sound installation consists of a sound collage of three individuals speaking of the circumstantial loss of control. Whilst a quadrophonic mix portrays this through a wall of sounds, the only way to access the clear recordings is by submerging the ear or head. 

quadrophonic mix 


interactive sound installation

ultrasonic sensors, MaxMsp, arduino

This audio installation explores notions of disembodiment through the creation of a self-generating soundscape.  As the viewer explores a pitch-black space they will trigger motion sensors which will effectively trigger sounds, increase the volume of the speaker according to the pressure/distance of the viewer.

Other Work


robotic installation

Animo is a collaborative robotic installation working with the Muse EEG headset. The Muse is reading in accelerometer data, alpha waves, concentration states, and mellow states. The data is being controlled and run through MaxMSP which switches pneumatic pistons on and off, giving the structure a sense of consciousness and self-awareness.