corridor leading into installation

photo credit by Colin Davison

More Time Than Life I

Self-generating audio installation, audio broadcast.
Duration: 16 days

More Time than Life is a self-generating, durational sound installation using ambient field recordings from ecological systems i.e. volcanoes, glaciers, the sea and the human body. Actively processing these field recordings, an autonomous code applies effects (i.e. speed, chorusing, phasing) depending on the channels/speakers physical positioning within its given environment/installation. These alternations are then being recorded and saved in the same collective folder that all channels take from and recordings can therefore be sped up and slowed down within the same day and effectively travel through the space, being transmitted by different speakers/channels to various degrees. 

Whereas in the first half of the piece the recordings are being altered and changed as to divert it from their natural qualia, the second half of the piece shows an attempt to return to its original state reversing the effects applied by each individual channel. As the recordings have gone through different processes at the same time; the original state becomes an unachievable state never to be met.

Interested in taking and learning from nature, the piece functions as an abstraction of a super-organism in which each piece/channel works independently from one another. Only being held together by randomness and time, the piece continues to alter and evolve on a 24 hour basis and can be accessed via its physical location or a live audio broadcast of the installation. The responses of the program are not triggered by the individual’s interaction with the piece, yet the visitor becomes an active observer of an evolving and ever-changing environment. No experience of the environment is the same; it is dependent on the individual’s physical interaction with the piece and fully perceiving the piece (due to its duration) impossible.